Since shopping is part of her profession, Lindsey's collection of props and surfaces grows weekly. She regularly buys from local artists, commissions pieces and picks up anything that catches her eye while out prop hunting. She does her best to collect all of the essentials as well as props you may not even know you want yet. Her favorite props are one of a kind, lovingly used and help tell the story of a photograph in their own unique way. She loves the look of anything handcrafted and appreciates age.

Her prop and surface collection is housed at Throop Studio which is a rental photography studio (perfectly equipped for food shoots) owned by Jeff Dahlgren Photography and also conveniently located next to Propabilites prop house in Chicago's West Town neighborhood. The ever changing prop and surface collection is available for rent at Throop Studio if you are shoting there. The only other way to rent props and surfaces from this collection is to hire Lindsey directly. This will get you full access and top priority.


If you are renting the prop and surface collection at Throop Studio, the flat rental rate is offered at an extreme discount and therefore you will only have access to what happens to be there on your shoot dates. For example, one surface at other rental houses costs $50.00 to $150.00 to rent. Large quantities of props and surfaces are always moving in and out for Lindsey's shoots and we cannot guarantee a certain item will be there on a certain day. Anything you can't find in her prop collection can likely be found at Propabilities up the block, the North/Clybourn shopping corridor up the street or Prop Mart (10 minute drive). Please refrain from using any consumables from the collection (as these are not included in the daily rental price) and put your used props back in their appropriate places at the end of your shoot. DO NOT stain the surfaces. Be sure to communicate this to your food stylist. If your food stylist thinks any component of your recipe or product will  get on a surface  and stain it, then plan to bring your own surface. Any surface from the collection found with a stain will promptly be stored at Lindsey's home  and will then only be available for her direct clients. Please be sure to notify the studio manager if there is any prop damage, surface staining etc. as many items are not easily replaced. There will be a charge for the damage in the final rental invoice. Basically... treat the props and surfaces in a professional manner as if you sourced/paid for/ commissioned them yourself.


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The most current image library of surfaces and backgrounds can be found on the surfaces page of this site. Lindsey has multiple surfaces in progress at any given time and loves adding to her collection. Check back regularly for the most up to date images.



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